Elumen Made in Austria

Elumen xess is a modern access control system which operates on the basis of an OCR procedure and operates in real-time. Consequently, resulting from detecting the licence plate actions are being set immediately, for example the control of barriers or access barriers. All events are recorded in a data base. On the basis of the stored information each entry and exit can be followed easily. Several search criteria provide a fast access to the desired event. Due to the data base several analyses can be carried out.

Elumen trace is a system for the real-time observation of moving and parked cars on defined lanes (highway, city traffic). The OCR procedure allows the system to read the licence plates fluently without external impetus using high-speed cameras. elumen trace was developed to alleviate the search for searched vehicles (licence plates). Whenever a searched car enters a monitored area an alarm will be set off and the responsible authorities get informed via e-mail or I/O.

Elumen parking is a brand new form of a car-park management system on the basis of an OCR procedure. Via scanning and detecting the licence plates they are stored in a data base and printed in the form of a parking ticket. Hence, the visitor identifies him/herself with his/her licence plate and not by a customary parking ticket (magstripeticket,..) such as other systems have. Therefore, elumen parking is not only equal to the requirements of a modern car-park management system but represents also a higher degree of security.

Elumen motion is a video surveillance- videoanalysis software which supports analogue as well as IP-based cameras. The monitored areas of the video frame can be defined using the arbitrary ROI’s (Region of Interest). After the detection of a movement in the predefined monitoring areas it will be recorded in high-resolution images. The system is completed by its comprehensive alarm functions.