Our Partners

Being a comparatively small company, we tend to cooperate a lot with partners in industry and academia. The list of our partners includes companies, research labs, and University labs located in Europe, USA, Australia, and New Zealand. This helps us to optimally combine high-level know-how resources and industrial management. One of our largest projects is funded by the European Commission under the IMS (Intelligent Manufacturing Systems) program.

The Partners in Europe

polymedia OEG Austria Allerheiligen
SLC – Software, Lan u. Computersysteme Austria Leibnitz
Austrian Research Center Seibersdorf Austria Vienna
Lignum Research Austria Graz
ERO Holzelemente GmbH Austria Langenwang
Swedvision Automation AB Sweden Stenkullen
Vanserum AB Sweden Linkoeping
Tarkett Hanaskog Sweden Hanaskog
FORWISS Passau Germany Passau

The Partners in the USA

Lignum Research Pennsylvania Pittsburgh
Virginia Tech Virginia Blacksburgh
Tradewinds Consulting Inc. Virginia Herndon
USDA Forest Service Virginia Blacksburgh
Autograde International Fz. L.L.C. Al Nasr Plaza Dubai
Pixell Inc. Virginia Blacksburgh

The Partners in Australia

Monash University Clayton
Timco Pty Salisbury