Intelligent Manufacturing of Wood Products Using Color, X-Ray, and Computer Tomography-Based Quality Control (INTELIWD)


In this project we develop a comprehensive intelligent on-line quality inspection system to be used in the production of a wide range of wood products. The system will utilize digital color imaging techniques, X-ray imaging, and computer tomography imaging. The work addresses two primary quality assurance problems: the quality determined by visual inspection by trained personnel, and quality features that cannot be determined directly because they are not visible from the outside of the product.

Softwood and Hardwood Texture Classification

The work in this project aims at proporties of softwood and hardwood material.
At the moment we have defined three areas of development:

  • Color-based Texture recognition (e.g., find resin pockets in a variety of backgrounds)

  • Smart sensors (using the Tracheid effect) This ingenious technique of finding grain deviations and defects on softwood surfaces is based on a patent held by Soliton Electronics in Sweden. Sensotech is cooperating with Soliton in installations in the Middle-European area. See here for details on the technique.
  • Strength measurement using a combination of sensors In this work area we combine outputs from multiple visual and ultra sound sensors to estimate the strength of a log.